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The Dynamic Superiors Performing "Shoe Shoe Shine" on Soul Train With Host Don Cornelius
The Dynamic Superiors's #1 Hit song "Shoe Shoe Shine" was written by the song writing team of Nick  Ashford and Valarie Simpson Of Motown Records
The Dynamic Supeiors returned to Washington, DC and performed as a SPECIAL GUEST on Mother's Day, Sun., 5/13/2012 at the Lincoln Theatre, in Washington, DC.where they  received a STANDING OVATION!
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The DYNAMIC SUPERIORS would like to express their regrets and deepest sympathy to the passing of Leroy "SugarFoot" Bonner, Lead Singer of the Ohio Players! Condolences to the family and asking that GOD bless his soul, family and continued success of the group!! The DYNAMIC SUPERIORS had the pleasure of sharing the stage with SugarFoot's Ohio Players in Atlantic City in 2011... Rest-In-Peace(RIP) my brother!!! He was a GREAT ENTERTAINER...

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What's In a Name?
The Temptation Review featuring Dennis Edwards and The Dynamic Superiors sharing the same stage on the big Mother's Day Tribute to Motown Legends at The Lincoln Theater, Washington, DC, May 12th, 2013.
This was one night to remember that the audience constantly gave nothing but standing ovations throughout the show.
The Dynamic Superiors were grateful for the love they received from the audience. Per Dennis Edwards to The Dynamic Superiors, “A job well done!”